• 200 000m2 industrial and logistic buildings, new as well reconstructions and extentions, energetic optimization actions in russia, bulgaria, romania, italy and hungary
  • Corporate planning and roll-out of technical live monitoring in more as 1000 supermarkets and discounters
  • ISO 50 001 roll-out and operation in 10 countries 2014-2017
  • energy procument management europe wide
  • technical procurement HVACR >100 mio euro per year
    more as 1000 supermarket and discounter new as well reconstructions and energetic optimizations
  • organizational develpoment over 10 country organizations
  • trainings and supervision concept over 10 countries

satisfied customers in many different business areas

Many successfull fullfilled projects - included a big part of big international projects - proof our quality and experiance for our clients in energy efficiency.
We are here for all our customers in private as well in business area´s to support fully in all area´s to generate efficient solutions at all sites.
All our activites are available over all europe and emea region.
Our existing well known customers lead us always to grow day by day.
We are happy to be contacted by you and able to support you in all
energetic area´s. We will do our best to convince our customers and create a perfect win win situation.


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To use energy efficiency consult from your expert support you not only in saving cost´s and optimize your income, it will support also our environment!

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